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XCMG WZ30-25 Backhoe Loaders for sale

Bucket capacity: 1.0 m3
Dumping clearance: 2650mm
Digger capacity: 0.3m3
Max.digging depth:4400mm
WZ30-25 backhoe loader
It is a new multi-function engineering machine, which gathers the loading and excavating in the integral whole machine. It is the new generation model of the developments based on same kind product technique in domestic and international. Having adopted four wheel drive, hydraulic torque converter, and hydraulic steering system. It is extensively used in the road maintenance, farm and developments, getting clay for making bricking, pipe builds, the cable builds, park virescence and the excavating of the road opens to dig, broking up etc. This machine has below characteristics:
Adopt the Yuchai engine which is powerful and with low maintenance. It has the high power and good performance ability.
The transmission part adopts the mature component of ZL30 series loader. It has high safety factor.
The leading articulated frame, with the front and axle bridge rationally distributed, makes it has exceptional stability when loading and excavating. Pneumatic valve control system makes car-stopping brake with urgent brake. So it is safer when braking.  The operation devices are designed according to humanization. Firstly adopts the pivot control system in the backhoe loader. The whole day-lighting closed driver′s cabin is furnished with the system of the air conditioner, ROPS system. It is safe and comfortable, and the visual field is broad. It adopts the sound insulation, the heat insulation and shock attenuation, which improved the comfortableness of the operating environment. Various instruments such as four in one bucket, crash hammer can be chosen.
Robust performance
Adopt the Yuchai engine, which is of high dependability, with low noise, low exhaust gas.
Optimized design
the load device is optimized designed, with reasonable joint layout, dependable position limit function. What's more, the bucket has the automatically function, which can lessen labor intensity, improve the working efficiency.
The rear bridge can swing
the tire has better cling function, which makes the machine has better span and cross capability.
Brake is safe and reliability
urgent brake and car-stopping brake are made in one, which makes the brake more safe and reliable.
Comfortable cab
unitary and luxury driving cab, equipped with air conditioner and radio recorder makes it more comfortable to drive in.
Traveling performance is good
the joint point of the front and rear bridge is in the center, which makes the turning radius and steering resistance small, so traveling performance is good.
Working efficiency is high
the raising time of the boom is quick, the cycling time of the loading device is less than 20s, while the digging device is less than 13.5s.
central designed backhoe and wingspread support leg guarantees stability of deep digging and breaking.
Transmission performance is dependable
adopts the cut blocked construction machinery transmission shaft, which makes the dependability of power transmission high.
Pilot controlled operation is safe and comfortable
adopts the pilot controlled hydraulic system, which is more concrete and saves labor intensity.
Automatically leveling function
the bucket has the automatically leveling function, which saves working time and improves working efficiency.
Performance is stability
big wheel base makes good carrying capability and strong over capacity.
 Overall Dimensions(LXWXH) mm
 Overall Weight kg
 Bucket Capacity m3
 Dumping Height mm
 Dumping reach mm
 Digger capacity m3
 Max. digging depth mm
 Engine model
 Rated power KW
 Rated speed r/min
 Wheel base mm


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