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XCMG LW1200K Large Tonnage Loader Construction in Africa

Views: 11     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-07-14      Origin: Site

For many years, XCMG has continued to cultivate in the African market. The construction of ports, docks, railways, highways, industrial parks, public infrastructure, and cooperative development of energy and mines has seen the busy operation of XCMG loading machinery. Since 2012, XCMG loading machinery products have been exported to nearly 10,000 units in Africa.201905151444506530

Leading technology, promising
     In the market, products are hardcore. In recent years, the export of XCMG loading machinery has shown a strong upward momentum, and the growth rate and absolute scale are far ahead of the industry. It is worth noting that in the face of the situation in which China's loader export products are mainly 5 tons, XCMG loader has a unique "value" and "technical" path. Since 2018, it has been a large tonnage of 7 tons and above, high added value, high-end In the product field, it is advancing by leaps and bounds, leading the export of China's large loader, and constantly knocking on the door of the developed country market, which is recognized by overseas high-end markets.


In 2019, the implementation of XCMG's "one-hundred-thousand-billion" strategy and the launch of XCMG's global service line of millions of miles will provide XCMG's export of machinery overseas with greater vigour and strong support for future market development. More and more XCMG large-tonnage loaders are exported to overseas, constantly improving the competitiveness and brand image of XCMG products in the international market, showing "China's power".201905151446341047

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