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Why should we formulate the "Code" for pipeline trenchless engineering

Views: 4     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-09-14      Origin: Site

Why should we formulate the "Code" for pipeline trenchless engineering

Now the use of trenchless is more and more widespread, so the problems that arise are increasing day by day. There is no corresponding standard specification for pipeline trenchless engineering, so the current pipeline trenchless construction has no safety guarantee, and the trenchless engineering construction is also easy to damage the pipeline. The following is the reason why the "Specification" for pipeline trenchless engineering was formulated.

Before there were no regulations, trenchless accidents would occur from time to time, and they brought a lot of safety hazards to some facilities. Because the current domestic pipeline trenchless is still in the development period, it is necessary to formulate a series of standards to ensure the safety of construction. These specifications are mainly for non-excavation companies, so that the company can construct reasonably.

Pipeline trenchless engineering can be said to be a relatively common type of engineering. If there is no corresponding standard specification, it will cause many accidents. In order to enable non-excavation manufacturers, the country has formulated this specification to minimize the risk factor of such projects, reduce the occurrence of accidents, and allow this technology to better serve people.

All projects have corresponding specifications, and the purpose of these specifications is to bring safety to safety. Nowadays, the number of accidents in trenchless pipeline projects is gradually decreasing. It is because there are regulations that make the trenchless guidance extremely reliable.

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