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Technical Feature Description of SHANTUI SL50W-3 Loaders

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Technical Feature Description of SHANTUI SL50W-3 Loaders


By reducing the torque difference between the front and rear drive shafts, it prevents the slip between the front and rear wheels, and ensures that the front and rear wheel paths are consistent, increasing the service life of the tires and the traffic capacity of the machine, and reducing energy loss. The thickness of the hinge plates of the front and rear frame is 46 mm mm, and the center distance is 947 mm, which is the largest value among similar products. It has the characteristics of high resistance to shear and deformation and high machine stability.

The optimized loading and unloading height of 3,178 mm, which is the highest in the industry, has a wide range of machine operations. The high strength and prosperity of the board thickness of 46 mm, which exceeds the industry design, guarantees excellent load performance and load capacity to withstand high torsion torque. The bucket has an automatic leveling function, which can achieve high loading and unloading efficiency and low labor intensity.

The optimized design of the Z-shaped single rocker tilt mechanism has powerful operation and high efficiency, with a digging force of 18,500 kg.

Using finite element analysis and optimization, using plate structure and automatic robot welding, the structural components of the host have the characteristics of resistance to load and deformation, high rigidity and compactness, and good stability.

Multiple working devices, including timber grab, bundle grab, coal bucket, side tilt bucket, and camp hammer are your choice

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