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SL50W-3 SHANTUI 5TON Wheel Loader for Oversea Market

Views: 10     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-08-18      Origin: Site

SL50W-3 SHANTUI 5TON Wheel Loader for Oversea Market


The SL50W-3 loader is based on Shantui's market survey of fixed shaft drive products developed extensively based on the mature products of SL50W. The gearbox adopts a fixed-shaft power shift gearbox with hydraulic transmission, 4 forward gears and 4 reverse gears, with light and flexible operation. The whole machine has powerful operation and high loading and unloading height, especially suitable for long-distance heavy-load operation.

The equipped engine has powerful power and high energy saving and efficiency.

Single-stage two-phase ternary torque converter and Hangzhou advanced WG180 electronically controlled transmission are used for power transmission, with good power matching and stable motion. The split structure simplifies repair and maintenance. The transmission includes four forward gears and three reverse gears. This product is particularly suitable for long-distance and heavy-duty operations (such as earthmoving and mining) and has more powerful operations and faster actions


It guarantees excellent site adaptability and flexibility, and has strong operational stability, and can handle common heavy-duty operations with peace of mind.


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