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SANY Heavy Industry 25 cranes exported to India

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SANY Heavy Industry 25 cranes exported to India


At the end of 2018, Sany Port Machinery won the bid for 25 container cranes from the Indian Container Corporation, creating a double historical record of the single contract amount and export value of Sany Port Machinery.

At present, SANY 25 cranes have been delivered in the first half of 2019 according to the contract requirements, and are distributed in 7 storage yards where customers are the most important and the business volume is the busiest. Due to reliable design, high-quality manufacturing, and strict factory inspection standards, this batch of equipment performed well at the customer's site, further deepening the impression of Sany's excellent quality, customers said that Sany's front crane products have high reliability and fuel consumption It is economical, easy to maintain, and is a very good device.


The Indian Container Corporation is an Indian government enterprise, owned by the Indian Ministry of Railways. It was established in March 1988. It initially began operations from the 7 inland container depots taken over by the Indian Ministry of Railways. , With a network of 79 yards across India.

It is reported that the market share of Sany Reach has exceeded 45% in the Indian market, and it is the brand that has grown the most in recent years.



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