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FOTMA 8T internal combustion forklift

Rated capacity:8000kgkg
Max.lifting height:3000mm-8500mm
FOTMA Brand 8ton dieself forklift truck


1.Green power. Our 8tons diesel forklift with the domestic environment-friendly engine are in line with GB20891-2007 "non-road mobile machinery with diesel emissions limits and methods of measurement (I,II stage) standard emission limit requirements.Chinese famous engine Chao chai 6102BG.
2.The strong performance is greatly enhanced traction, climbing force and lifting speed, and improve the work efficiency of the forklift.
3.All-hydraulic power brake 8T internal combustion forklifts are used hydraulic power brake makes manipulation more lightweight and comfortable;
4.Scientific ergonomic design, vehicle handling lighter, more comfortable seats front and rear direction and angle adjustable backrest, steering wheel tilt, leg room, compact and convenient shift mechanism shift quickly and easy operation performance.
5.Low noise, low vibration and exhaust system flexible coupling bellows achieve frame, to reduce the vibration of the vehicle. Improve the internal structure of the muffler, increasing the interference of the interior of the cylinder to reduce engine noise.
6.Lift cylinder lifting system lifting system from lower buffer, effectively reducing the impact; separation of the two lifting cylinders and two lifting chain configuration, good forward visibility work mobile or pavement driving more secure.
7.Engine cover is easy to open the engine cover equipped with air spring device, opening and closing simple labor-saving, easy to carry out regular inspection and maintenance of the engine room.
8.Our transmission is with Shao xing gear, it is widely use for Chinese brand forklift trucks, and with good performance.
9.Drive axle is with An Qing An fang which supplied to HELI brand, it is old brand with
 Good quality.
10.Others: all the accessories are with good quality and easier to purchase. We offer
One year warranty to our customers.


Model Unit CPCD80 CPCD100
Power type
Rated capacity  kg 8000 10000
Load center mm 600
Mast Lifting height mm 3000
Free lift height mm 205 210
Fork size(L*W*T) mm 1220*170*70 1220*170*80
Tilting Angles(Front/Rear) deg 6'/12'
Front overhang mm 620 718
Exterior Size Length without fork mm 3633 4260
Overall width mm 1995 2245
Mast drop mm 2700 2850
Max.lift mm 4420 4325
Front-wheel Overhead  mm 2450 2585
Min Turning Radius mm 3400 3900
Min.intersecting aisle mm 3310 3540
Speeds Max Driving speeds km/h 26/30
Lifting speeds  mm/s 440/470 360/380
Lowering speeds mm/s <600
Max.grade ability % 27 22
Total weight kg 10480 12460
Tires Front 
8.52-15-14PR 9.00-20-14PR
8.52-15-14PR 9.00-20-14PR
Wheelbase mm 2250 2800
Tread Front  mm 1470 1600
Rear mm 1700
Min.ground clearance mm 250 245
Engine Model
Rated output kw/rpm 37/2650
Rated torque N.m/rpm 148/1800
No.of cylinder
Displacement L 5.785
Fuel tank capacity L 160

8T internal combustion forklift (3)
8T internal combustion forklift (2)
8T internal combustion forklift (4)
8T internal combustion forklift (5)
8T internal combustion forklift (6)
8T internal combustion forklift (7)
8T internal combustion forklift (1)


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