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XCMG LW400KN chinese wheel loader

Rated load: 4.0t
Bucket capacity: 2.4m³
Operating weight:14.2t
Engine: Shangchai 125kw,Cummins 123kw
K series loader is XCMG latest wheel loader of high efficiency with more than 10 years' experience. 
The performance, efficiency, structural strength, service life, daily maintenance and operation condition are upgraded all round.
With the two breakthroughs of driving medium and covering part, the machine is ahead of other product of the same kind essentially.  
All series products adopt superstrong structure, especially for the heavyload work condition. 
LW400K-II features the super large operation weight, long machine body, and strong strength and high efficiency, leading in the industry. The operation performance of the machine approaches that of 5-ton. Excellent performance
Large strength: the strong bucket breakout force of 13-ton ensures that the machine could adapt to various tough condition, leading top in the industry.  
Reliable operation: with the long wheelbase of 3100mm and long machine body of 7922mm, and postposition of the diesel, the machine is ahead in the industry in terms of the operation reliability. 
Excessive loading material: the bucket capacity could reach 2.4m3, leading top among the products of the same level.
Quick movement: the total time of three devices is only 10.5s, ranking top in the industry. 
Smooth driving: Centered design and small turning radius; load sensing coaxial flow amplification steering, flexible and efficient.
High strength 
Heavy load design, the front and rear frame adopt box type structure, thick board and high strength. 
The key structural parts adopt the finite-element analysis to ensure that the machine could adapt to various kinds of dangerous working condition.
The machine weight reaches 14.2 ton, and the specification reaches that of the machine of 5 ton. 
Long service life
Key articulated positions are of two-stage dustproof, featuring small abrasion and long service life. 
Durable blade and bucket teeth feature longer service life. 
The hydraulic pipeline adopts DIN standard, two-level sealing of 24' cone and O ring, settling the common issue of leakage.
The easily worn pipeline is equipped with the protection bush, prolonging the service life.
Convenient maintenance 
The engine hood adopts the large side door of sliding upward, featureing large opening angle, and more convenient for access.
The design of partial integrated lubrication and centralized draining provide convenience for your operation.
The fuel intake adopts built-in chamber structure, improving the oil intaking environment.
Convenient driving 
The luxurious cab features large space and wide visibility.
Elegant adjustable instrument panel and comfortable operation.
Gas manual brake: Spring normal close and start it with pressure and button control saves the labor. 
LW400K-Ⅱadopts auto leveling and electromagnet lifting limit technology, featuring easy operation and less impact. 
LW400K could be equipped with electric cabinet, single handle control featuring easy and comfortable operation. The electric cabinet is the optional device for LW400K-Ⅱ.
Multiple configuration 
Provide multiple configuration according to the requirement of the user. 
Two breakthroughs in the industry: 
Inner breakthrough: multiple great improvements in the common weakness of the transmission, revolutionary breakthrough; the service life of key postions is greatly improved from 3,000 hours to 8,000 hours, leading in the products of the same kind. 
External breakthrough: start the vehicle manufacturing technology first in China, and adopt the all-metal mould pressing covering part, keep the color of the new vehicle through the electrophoretic coating. Luxury decoration in the cab provides comfortability for the operation.

tem       Parameter Unit
Rated bucket capacity     2.4 m3
Rated load    4000 kg
Operating weight  14200 kg
Max.traction           123 kN
Max. drawing force            130 kN
Tyre center (turning radius)   5946 mm
Boom lifting time       5.5 s
Total time of three devices    10.5 s
Tipping load 8300 kg

Engine Model D6114ZGB 6BTA5.9-C
Type 6-cylinder, 4-stroke, inline water cooling exhaust turbocharging 6-cylinder, 4-stroke, inline water cooling exhaust turbocharging
Rated power 125kw 123kw
Rated rotary speed 2200 r/min 2200 r/min
Travel speed Forward I Gear 0~11 km/h
Forward II Gear 0~35 km/h
Backward 0~15 km/h

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