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XCMG Horizontal directional drill XZ200 Export to Saudi Arabia

Views: 1     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-08-26      Origin: Site

XCMG Horizontal directional drill XZ200 Export to Saudi Arabia


Hydraulic pilot control, comfortable operation and flexible adjustment, first-class brand hydraulic components ensure the reliability of the entire hydraulic system.

The rack and pinion slide to ensure the stability of the slider and the reliable operation of the drive. The slider is floating, and the floating vise patented technology can greatly protect the drill pipe thread and increase the service life of the drill pipe.

The high-speed sliding system, the modified motor realizes the sliding change of the high and low sliding blocks, improves the adaptability to the working conditions of the drilling rig, and improves the construction efficiency of the drilling rig.

Stable chassis support, classic H-beam structure, high-quality rubber crawlers, and frog-leg structure provide a strong guarantee for the stability of the entire structure.

To support the diverse needs of customers, the machine can use automatic (semi-automatic) to add drill pipe handling devices, automatic anchoring systems, cabs, air conditioning, freezing mud, mud washing and other equipment, or you can choose more environmentally friendly.

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